Management Committee:

President : Neysha Okeefe

Secretary: Carmela Campisi
Treasurer: Jessica Murray
Breed Registrar : Neysha Okeefe
Committee Seats:

Tracy Binge

Margaret Andrew

Website Coordinator: 

Neysha Okeefe
Newsletter Editor:

QLD Fun Day Coordinator:
Carmela Campisi
NSW & ACT Fun Day Coordinator
Neysha Okeefe
VIC Fun Day Coordinator: 
Margaret Andrew

Bulldogs Australia was Incorporated and Registered with the department of Fair Trading in Queensland on the 1st of June 2012. Breeder listings within this site have been loaded on the grounds that all breeders breeding dogs have been hip and elbow scored and health tested. Bulldogs Australia Inc. does not take any responsibility for any breeders actions or the health of any puppy sold via contacts details through the Bulldogs Australia Inc. web site. The Association has made sure that Breeders have supplied copies of all health reports and DNA reports to the committee before any puppies that they breed are sold.

To Become A Member of Bulldogs Australia Inc.
Membership application is available to owners of bulldogs registered with the following clubs.
- Bulldogs Australia Inc.

- Aussie Bulldog Club of Australia - ABCA
- Australian Bulldog Society - ABS or Australasian Bosdog Society.

- Australian National Bulldog Club - ANBC

With this application you should supply the following.
- Photo copies of your bulldogs breed certificates
- Photos of your bulldog saved on a disc, or emailed
- Photos of parents of your dog (if you have them)
- Health tests of dogs owned (if they have been done)

- DNA reports (if they have been done)
Note: No dog/pups will be accepted with UABA papers if they are southern cross bulldogs papered as Aussie Bulldogs. 


Types of Membership with Bulldogs Australia Inc.
- Single Breeder Membership (1 persons name on application form, entitling  you to 1 vote)
 - Joint Breeder Membership ( 2 persons names on the application form that live in the same household  or breeding under the same Kennel name entitling you both with voting rights.  
-Associate Membership / Single or Joint ( Joint being two owners in the same household
 An Associate member is a person/s who own a Bulldog purely as a pet, desexed, not currently breeding. No voting rights, but can participate in club discussion.
Proof of ownership and address required that must match the person name and address on the bulldogs breed certificate.

To obtain a Membership form, please email any of the committee team .to the right of your screen.


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