The Aussie /Australian Bulldog name came about simply by referring to a bulldog breed and the country in which it was established. For eg: French Bulldogs, British Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, Brazilian Bulldogs, Aussie / Australian Bulldog. The Greens intentions were to produce a whole line of dogs of bulldog type, larger in appearance to the British, and smaller than the. Bullmastiff but keeping both breeds quality traits, loyalty, personality and impressive build. These two breeds were chosen for the related similarities as the main parent breeds behind the Aussie.The "Regency Bulldog" is documented as being the type of Bulldog bred to English Mastiffs to produce today's Bullmastiffs, and is partly responsible for the Greens idea of producing a modern breed that resembled these dogs. 

The original Jag / Greens lines contain English Staffordshire, Boxer, Bullmastiff, British Bulldog, eventually moving towards breeding heavily on Bullmastiff and British bulldog bloodlines which lay behind most related dogs today.The introduction of Johnson American Bulldog into the program started in 2001 from Cauchi kennels that were imported from America.

Noel Green 2001 . Foundation dogs from left to right.
Jag Tango, Jag Holly, Jag Master Duncan, Jag Paint, Jag Boofette,
Jag Aussie, Jag Beauty Bonza , Jag Cindy & Jag Tim Tam

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